Logo Eden Alternative Europe
The Eden-Alternative Institute in Vienna is the first organisation in the world dealing with care needs in old age. Based on the values of the Eden-Alternative, the Institute takes an integrated view of care needs. It brings together various practitioners and researchers from many disciplines in order to provide good care. The social construction of care needs and the prevention of functional and social decline in old age is another important topic we address. All courses and consulting are offered in German and English, we also travel widely across Europe to address interested groups and individuals.
We offer education, consulting, research and the sharing of best practice in the areas of:

Social connections and social capital
Elder friendly cities and communities
Elder friendly businesses and enterprises
Empowerment through fall prevention for older people
Education and connection of "care-partners" through the Eden-at-home program
Education of assistant carers such as Life-Assistants
Education of nurses in geriatric/gerontological care
Relocation management - from home to home - not from home to institution
Eden training for all carers and other staff from nursing homes
Eden Leadership training
Pre-Design seminars for architects and nursing home owners/investors: "no more ghettos but human habitats"
Chemical dependency in old age, towards a life worth living